Why pick Linux to host your website over Windows?

Why pick Linux to host your website over Windows?

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Windows is a name that needs little introduction in the world of technology. But while Microsoft’s world-famous operating system rules the roost when it comes to computing, the software giants have struggled to overcome the open-source power of Linux when offering hosting solutions. 

Windows vs Linux hosting has been a divisive issue for some time now, and both operating systems hold some credible qualities over each other in the market. 

When it comes to managing a website, it’s likely that you’ll be very interested in squeezing as much performance out of your hosting plan as possible, so your choice in operating system could prove to be a pivotal one. With this in mind, let’s explore the qualities of both Linux and Windows based on their merits and drawbacks:

Operating systems

The biggest fundamental difference between Linux and Windows stems from the structure of their respective operating systems. It has to be said that Linux is a complex OS to set up, which leads some inexperienced website owners into preferring the simpler structure of Windows’ clickable menus as opposed to Linux’s famous command line

Naturally, most of the issues surrounding Linux’s operating system can be mitigated through a hosting platform’s dedicated control panel, leaving users with a considerably smaller learning curve. 


This is where Linux starts to make a strong case as the dominant operating system. The beauty of Linux is that it’s an entirely open-source system. This means that it can be extremely adaptable to a range of environments and is always under constant development.

Linux has long been favored as the best web server online thanks to its superior stability as an operating system. The open-source nature of Linux also makes it considerably more customisable than its competitors. However, this isn’t to say that Windows hasn’t made some ground in its bid to catch up in recent years. Windows even holds an advantage in the sense that it’s highly compatible with the .NET framework – and at times it can be easier to run the servers alongside older Microsoft software. 


Windows has the unenviable reputation of being an operating system that’s especially prone to malware and cyber-attacks. 

While this fact may not be entirely the fault of Microsoft, after all, the world’s most popular OS will always be the primary focus of hackers. But Windows runs on a framework that was developed at a time when developers could never have dreamed of the prowess of modern viruses.

Linux leads the way on security when it comes to hosting. Its open-source nature means that any perceived vulnerability can quickly be identified and patched before any real threats have the chance to exploit it. 


When it comes to factoring in cost, it’s hard to look beyond a resounding win for Linux. While users have to buy a licence to run Windows, Linux is entirely free to use. This means that hosting platforms can concentrate on delivering ultra-low-cost options that can focus more time towards delivering a responsive performance that works for you. 

Another key perk that Linux holds over Windows is that many of its servers are capable of running on the exact same hardware for much longer. In fact, many Linux servers were configured over 10 years ago with no need for changing things up

Given that Linux rarely runs complete overhauls of their existing operating systems, there’s no need for repeatedly upgrading to accommodate new and, at times, superfluous features in the same way as Windows does on a regular cycle. 


At Pipe 9, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible value for money while committing to delivering the best performance possible. That’s why we’ve chosen to utilize Linux webservers to power all of our solutions. It’s also why we’re able to offer website hosting services from as little as £2.50 per month

While Windows is the world’s favorite operating system, it’s important to recognise the power and adaptability that Linux is capable of providing website owners. Its open-source structure makes it supremely safe and adaptable, and while it can be a little complex to operate, Pipe 9 offers an extremely user-friendly solution in the form of cPanel, to aid all of your configuration needs. 

So when you’re looking for somebody to host your website in a cost-effective manner, sit back, relax, and let Pipe 9 provide a reliable solution for less.  

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